The importance of books

Every parent has been told about the importance of reading to our babies and children. As a Child Health Nurse I could talk endlessly about the value of books and reading to your little one. Connection, calm, literacy, speech development….. But as a parent I know the frustration of buying a book that I’m sure my baby will love only for them to lose interest two pages in despite my animated reading.

Books for little ones may seem simple but there must be a secret formula to creating a story book that keeps little people engaged without being too excruciating for parents to read over and over and over again.

Different books will suit different occasions. Some books are perfect for reading outside and provide an opportunity for parents to describe the world.

Some books are fun and give ideas for play, movement and songs.

Other books, my personal favourites, have a particular, calm rhythm that is perfect for bedtime.

Choosing books wisely will give you a library of inspiration and moments of connection. A good book can be just what you need when you’re not sure what to do next, when you know your little one is asking for a change of scenery or new game. Or when you just want them to settle and calm.

Classic children’s books are classic for years so one day you may even find your toddler “reading” a book you can remember reading to them when they were a baby on your lap.

Jessica Kumar
Child Health Nurse

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