Sleep and settling

Sleep solutions for your child


Parenthood is rewarding, but it can also be exhausting, especially when sleep is a challenge for your little ones. We understand the importance of good sleep for both children and parents. Our mission is to empower families with effective strategies and support to achieve restful nights and happier days.

Expertise in Paediatric Sleep: With a deep understanding of children’s sleep patterns and behaviours, we specialise in guiding parents through every stage of their child’s sleep journey.

Personalised Approach: We recognise that every child is unique. Our customised sleep plans are tailored to your child’s age, temperament, feeding schedule, your parenting style and your family’s specific needs.

Gentle Techniques: We prioritise gentle, evidence-based methods that promote healthy sleep habits without unnecessary stress for your child or family.

Educational Support: We will empower you with knowledge about sleep patterns, developmental milestones, and effective parenting techniques to support better sleep.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the consultation. We provide ongoing guidance and encouragement to ensure long-term success and adjustment.

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In line with the Child Health Record (red book), it is recommended that every baby has a full physical examination at a week and 4 weeks of life. At Coast Life Families we understand the importance of these examinations to ensure your baby has transitioned adequately to life outside of the womb. The assessment includes review of how your baby is feeding and their growth. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure the whole family is adapting to your new life and support you all appropriately.

Newborn sleep support

We are here to offer support and guidance to help you navigate the world of newborn sleep. Our approach is gentle and tailored to your family’s needs. We prioritise methods that promote healthy sleep habits while respecting your baby’s natural rhythms. We work closely with you to create a nurturing sleep environment and establish routines that support both night time sleep and daytime naps.

Toddler sleep solutions

Toddlers are constantly growing and developing, and their sleep needs evolve as they transition from infancy. While many toddlers enjoy a structured sleep routine, others may struggle with bedtime battles, night waking, or nap transitions. These challenges are common and completely normal. We tailor strategies to address specific sleep challenges your toddler may be facing and provide ongoing support and adjustments to ensure long-term success.

Service Rates


Ready to improve your child’s sleep? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Together, we’ll create a personalised plan that fosters better sleep habits and brings peace of mind to your family.

Each appointment includes a written individualised plan and phone support.


Sleep Consultant
Appointment Length
Clinic consultation
60 minutes
Home consultation
2.5 hours

Support Packages

In home postnatal package

  • Support through the first 6 weeks following birth.

  • Includes x 5 weekly 60 minute appointments.
  • x 4 home visits and x 1 clinic appointment (1 or 4 week check).
  • Full support whilst you transition into parenthood.
  • Unlimited phone support during this period.
  • Feeding, sleep, settling and parent crafting advice.

(payment plan options available)

No Medicare rebates available

Child health support package (including vaccinations)

  • 12 months of support, approximately x10 60 minute clinic appointments.

  • Support through the postnatal period and everything that and the next 12 months bring.

  • 7 days a week phone support.
  • Monthly written information about what to expect form your little one in the coming weeks.
  •  Scheduled vaccinations up until 12 months, if desired.

(payment plan options available)

No Medicare rebates available


“The nurses were always fabulous

 Never any wait times and appointments were long enough they felt very thorough and never rushed. Always baby lead and relaxing. Highly recommend!

– Georgia Klemm