Immunisations scheduled and off schedule


We understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding these vaccines, and our knowledgeable team is here to provide comprehensive information and counsel before and after their administration.

Our commitment to a family-centered and relaxed environment extends to our vaccine administration process. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs, including the option to have two practitioners administer two needles simultaneously if necessary.

We strive to ensure everyone (babies and parents alike) feels as comfortable as possible during the process, including welcoming feeding during the vaccination if desired.

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In line with the Child Health Record (red book), it is recommended that every baby has a full physical examination at a week and 4 weeks of life. At Coast Life Families we understand the importance of these examinations to ensure your baby has transitioned adequately to life outside of the womb. The assessment includes review of how your baby is feeding and their growth. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure the whole family is adapting to your new life and support you all appropriately.

Additional or off schedule immunisations are available

In addition to the routine childhood immunisations, we offer additional or off-schedule immunisations. We understand that some families may opt for immunisations not included in the routine schedule, such as Meningococcal B and Meningococcal A, C, W, Y. These immunisations, although not mandatory, are increasingly sought after and can provide added protection.

At Coast Life Families, we can prescribe, collect, and have these immunisations ready for you prior to your appointment, removing any hassle or inconvenience.

Splitting and delayed immunisations

We also support informed choice and respect your preferences when it comes to immunisations.

If you prefer to split or delay immunisations according to your family’s needs, we are here to support you in making those adjustments while ensuring your child’s health and safety.

Service Rates


Immunisations are offered as individual appointments or as part of packages at the recommended ages.

Scheduled vaccines are offered as hour long appointments and include age appropriate growth and development assessments.

Off schedule vaccines are offered as shorter appointments if a growth and development check is not required.

Child Health Nurses / Lactation Consultant
Appointment Length
Long consultation
60 minutes
Medium consultation
30 minutes
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Appointment Length
Long consultation
60 minutes
Medium consultation
30 minutes

* Out of pocket cost following Medicare rebate.

Support Package

Child health support package (including vaccinations)

  • 12 months of support, approximately x10 60 minute clinic appointments.

  • support through the postnatal period and everything that and the next 12 months bring

  •  Scheduled vaccinations up until 12 months.

(payment plan options available)

No medicare rebates available


“The nurses were always fabulous

 Never any wait times and appointments were long enough they felt very thorough and never rushed. Always baby lead and relaxing. Highly recommend!

– Georgia Klemm