For Parents

At Coast Life Families, we firmly believe in the power of positive relationships within families.

We understand that these relationships play a vital role in providing children with a sense of security, love, and healthy development.

Our passion lies in fostering strong families that experience the profound bonds of love, belonging, security, and effective communication. Whether it’s through our breastfeeding support, empowering you with knowledge, or assisting you in understanding childhood emotions, our parental support programs are designed to nurture and strengthen your family dynamic.


Discover the range of services we offer below:

Lactation & feeding support

lactation and feeding support
Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging aspects of early parenthood, often leading to feelings of guilt, concern, and confusion. At Coast Life Families, we offer expert and individualised lactation and feeding support to help parents navigate this journey with confidence and comfort.

Our team includes Jess, a certified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, who understands the unique challenges and emotions that come with breastfeeding. With her expertise and compassionate approach, she provides personalised assessments and advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re experiencing latch issues, low milk supply, or any other breastfeeding concerns, Jess is here to support you every step of the way.

We also recognise the importance of supporting all feeding choices, as we understand that every family’s journey is unique. Jane and Jess are well versed in a variety of feeding methods and can provide guidance and assistance with bottle and formula feeding. Our non-judgmental and holistic approach ensures that we prioritise your baby’s well-being while respecting your personal choices.

Support Packages

We understand that each and every family is different, with their own values and beliefs that influence how you choose to raise your child. We will be there to celebrate and support you in those choices.

By choosing a package of care you will be supported by your own Child Health Nurse for one year.

This includes a suggested calendar of appointments as well as support over the phone whenever you need it.

Our team works closely together to not only expertly assess the growth and development of your baby but also provide ongoing support and advice for the wellness of your baby and family.

In home postnatal package

  • Support through the first 6 weeks following birth.
  • Includes x 5 weekly 60 minute appointments.
  • x 4 home visits and x 1 clinic appointment (1 or 4 week check).
  • Full support whilst you transition into parenthood.
  • Unlimited phone support during this period.
  • Feeding, sleep, settling and parent crafting advice.

(payment plan options available)

No Medicare rebates available

Child health support package

  • 12 months of support.

  • Approximately x 10 60 minute clinic appointments.

  • Growth and development assessments.

  • Feeding, sleep, settling and parent crafting advice.

  • Unlimited phone support during this period.
  • Scheduled immunisations up until 12 months, if desired.

(payment plan options available)

No Medicare rebates available

Second year child health support package

Custom package to suit your family’s requirements in the transition from baby to toddlerhood. Can include scheduled immunisations.

Price on request

Free Antenatal & Newborn package

  • Individualised support in the lead up to and immediately following birth.
  • Addressing any personal concerns around parenthood.
  • Includes x 2 free 60 minute appointments.
  • x 1 antenatal appointment and x1 postnatal appointment which includes your baby’s 7 day check.
  • Unlimited phone support during this period.


* For eligible Medicare card holders

Mothers and Babies’ groups


The early days of motherhood can often be accompanied by feelings of isolation, loneliness, doubt, and overwhelm. However, at our mother and babies groups, we aim to create a warm and welcoming space where you can find solace and support.

Step into our cozy group space, where families have the unique opportunity to engage with and learn from carefully selected professional speakers who cover a wide range of subjects and specialties.

These sessions are expertly facilitated by our dedicated Coast Life Families staff, including Jess, our Child Health Nurse, and Jane, our Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, who will be available to offer additional support.

Build relationships with others and connect with other families in a safe and supportive space to assist in your parenting journeys.


$120 for an 8 week term.
Next term commencing Wednesday 17th July 2024.


Workshops & Programs

introducing solid workshop

Introducing solids workshop

Wondering when the right time is to introduce solids for your little one?

This two hour workshop is designed to take all the overwhelming thoughts around introducing solids away.

It covers everything you need to know about when your baby is ready, what and how much to feed your baby, introducing allergens, navigating milk feeds around solids, and teething support.

We also explore, understanding pre-packaged baby foods and eating utensils, drinking cups and essential storage/cook wear to make your solids journey easier.


$39 for 2 hour session. Next session coming soon.


circle of security baby parent program

Circle of Security Parenting program

 As parents, we all experience moments of uncertainty and confusion, unsure of what our child truly needs from us. Now, imagine the transformative power of being able to decipher and respond to your child’s cues and emotions with confidence.

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program, built on extensive research and decades of expertise, aims to support and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

As trained facilitators of this program, we are equipped to work with parents and caregivers, providing valuable tools to:

  • Understand your child’s emotional world by learning to interpret their emotional needs.
  • Foster your child’s ability to effectively manage and navigate their emotions.
  • Boost the development of your child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Honour and nurture your child’s innate wisdom and their longing for a secure connection.

Through the Circle of Security® Parenting™ program, we empower parents to create a secure and nurturing environment that promotes their child’s emotional well-being and fosters a deep parent-child bond. Join us on this journey of understanding and growth, as we unlock the secrets to building a strong and secure relationship with your child.


2 hour sessions over 6 weeks
(12 hours of content in total)
$500 for complete course for individual or couple.

circle of security baby parent program

Pre parenting workshop

Are you pregnant and worried about what to expect after your baby is born?

This three hour workshop will empower you in the preparation for parenting your newborn.

Topics covered include: 

–  coping with emotional and lifestyle changes 

– feeding a newborn

– support systems 

– growth and development checks

– common newborn conditions

– sleep and settling

– Queensland immunisation schedule

– parenting a newborn (connection and consistency).

Partners and support people welcome.


$59 for 3 hour session. Next session Wednesday 12th June 2024.



Cannot recommend Coastlife Families enough.

From our very first appointment at 1 week old to our most recent at 6 months, it has always been such a welcoming, friendly and relaxing experience.
Jess and Jane are a wealth of knowledge and this was again evident after attending the Introduction to Solids workshop held by Jess. It was so informative and I now feel so much more comfortable about our food journey

A big thanks to Jess and Jane!!

-Alexandra Locke