Babies to Toddlers

From navigating the challenges of toddlerhood to fostering healthy development, our team at Coast Life Families is dedicated to ensuring your family receives the care and guidance needed during this crucial period.


We take the time to get to know you and your family, and provide personalised care that focuses on your unique needs. We provide growth and development checks to ensure your baby is meeting their milestones, ongoing assistance with feeding, weaning and introducing solids, support with sleep challenges, assessments of unsettled babies, and a supportive ear when you feel overwhelmed and uncertain in these early years.


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In line with the Child Health Record (red book), it is recommended that every baby has a full physical examination at a week and 4 weeks of life. At Coast Life Families we understand the importance of these examinations to ensure your baby has transitioned adequately to life outside of the womb. The assessment includes review of how your baby is feeding and their growth. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure the whole family is adapting to your new life and support you all appropriately.

Growth and development checks

As your baby and child grows there are key ages and stages where it is important to assess their growth and development. Every baby is unique and grows and develops in their own way. For this reason it is important to assess their growth and development as a whole. Parents often worry about one element of their child’s development and a full developmental screen can alleviate any unnecessary concern. Regular growth and developmental checks can help you to support their child’s development to ensure they are meeting milestones, growing and learning to their own individual potential.


Subsequent doses of the recommended vaccines on the Queensland Immunisation Schedule fall in this period up to 18 months of age. We are able to answer any questions or queries regarding these vaccines and counsel you accordingly before and following administration. Vaccinations are offered as individual appointments or as part of ongoing child health support packages.
We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is family centred, relaxed and not time pressured. This flexibility assists when we are giving vaccines to ensure the process is as stress free as possible.

Feeding support including breast feeding

We provide ongoing feeding support and advice for parents including when you are wanting to wean from milk feeds or worried about introducing solids. We also provide individualised support and advice for families trying to support children who are “picky eaters”.

Toilet Training

Toilet training can be a stressful time for parents with concerns that they just want to navigate this phase in the best way possible for their children. In most cases toilet training can be more calm and achieved more quickly if parents have more knowledge and understanding of this normal developmental step. If there are concerns and challenges around toilet training, night time bedwetting, or constipation in children, individualised advice is crucial in understanding and addressing the issue.

Coast Life Families offers advice for parents just starting on the toilet training journey with their child and for parents with children who are struggling with a particular aspect of toilet training or continence.

Weaning, introducing solids, allergy and food sensitivities

Weaning from the breast or bottle and introducing solids can be an exciting step for you and your growing child. It can also be a new phase that many parents feel nervous about, unsure of and overwhelmed by. There is so much advice in books, podcasts, social media and all over the internet that parents often feel confused and worried that they will “do it wrong”. As with many aspects of parenting, weaning and starting solids requires an individual approach that takes into account the family norms, values, beliefs and meal time habits.

Coast Life Families can help parents approach weaning and solids with confidence and we can give individualised advice regarding food allergies and sensitivities.

Sleep / settling support

The sleeping patterns of babies and small children are often a significant challenge for parents. Babies and small children often wake frequently and need support to get to sleep, parents worry about how to best support healthy sleep patterns in their child and there is also the often debilitating struggle of sleep deprivation that parents have to cope with.

Sleep support with our specialised staff includes assessing your baby or child and helping to implement age appropriate sleep patterns that also work for the family unit.

Assessment for tongue or lip tie
If a tongue tie is suspected, in view of ongoing feeding concerns and/or with the introduction of solids, our lactation consultant makes a full anatomical and feeding assessment. This review determines if just further feeding support is required or a tongue tie release is warranted.

Tongue tie release (frenotomy)
A frenotomy can be performed in the clinic immediately after the lactation consultant assessment if it is deemed necessary. The utmost care is taken to ensure your baby is as comfortable as possible through the procedure and you are most welcome to be present if you desire.

Blood sample collection

We are able to recognise the need for certain blood tests, order them and collect them in a relaxed, spacious environment that minimises the impact to you and your child. We then interpret the results and feedback to you with any additional planning that may be required. We are also able to collect bloods that have been ordered by another practitioner.

Service Rates

Child Health Nurses / Lactation Consultant
Appointment Length
Long consultation
60 minutes
Follow up consultation
30 minutes
Lactation consultation
60 minutes
Home visit
60 minutes

*Private health insurance may cover Lactation Consultations.
**Location over 15km from Marochydore may incur additional travel costs.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Appointment Length
Long consultation
60 minutes
Home Visit
60 minutes

*Out of pocket cost following Medicare rebates.
**Location over 15km from Marochydore may incur additional travel costs.

Support Packages

Child health support package

  • 12 months of support.

  • Approximately x 10 60 minute clinic appointments.

  • Growth and development assessments.

  • Feeding, sleep, settling and parent crafting advice.

  • Unlimited phone support during this period.
  • Scheduled immunisations up until 12 months, if desired.

(payment plan options available)

No Medicare rebates available

Second year child health support package

Custom package to suit your family’s requirements in the transition from baby to toddlerhood. Can include scheduled vaccinations.

Price on request

Frenotomy package

Tongue tie release
(frenotomy) package

Lactation consultant appointment
  • 60 minute clinic appointment
  • 30 minute clinic appointment
  • Follow up phone call
Follow up lactation appointment
    • 30-60 minute clinic appointment


No medicare rebates available


“We are second time parents, so initially didn’t think there would be value in doing a 12 month package.

But when we thought it would at least mean we don’t have to take a healthy baby to the GP clinic and wait around for immunisation etc, we decided to go with care from Jess & Jane.

It’s been amazing, we have been supported to do our requested alternative vaccine schedule, evidence based parenting guidance for both our baby and 5 yo (probably more so our eldest), support in returning to work and breastfeeding, advice via text & phone when needed in between appointments.

We have done a payment plan, so we haven’t had to stress about budgeting for appointments. We’ve often been the only people in the waiting room and don’t feel guilty if the kids are making some noise/running around, but we haven’t spent much time in there :-)”

-Jamie-Lee McKeen